Pool safety Inspectors

Pool Inspectors.

Queenslanders love the outdoor life style and the back yard swimming enclosure is the ideal way to enjoy that outdoor life.

 Inspection and inspector

Our Inspectors are licensed to issue your Safety Certificate once you have passed your Inspection.

The swimming area provides hours of entertainment for the whole family as well as invited guests.

Unfortunately backyard pools are also a leading cause of drowning’s for children aged 1to 4 years old.

This does not have to the case because taking the proper barriers and safety precautions will assure that your swimming pools remain a safe environment for your children and family to enjoy.

To ensure Queensland swimming pools are safe for all our children, the Queensland


Our Inspectors will thoroughly check all your fences and gates.

Government in 2010 introduced a new laws for owners which state that if you’re a home owner, your swimming pools must comply with Queensland pools safety legislation.

Call on one of our Licensed and experienced pool inspectors to come over and perform a  pool safety inspection on your fences.

Once you’re pool inspection has been completed and  pass the pool inspection process you’ll be sent your pools Inspection certificate.

Pool Inspections.

Please be aware that we do not inspect your swimming pools as such you will need

Gate Inspection and compliance

Ensuring that gates self close and self latch is all part of theinspectors job.

to engage an expert to check for leaks or any other related problems including the pump, chlorinator, filters and the like.

Our Pool Inspectors are only there to inspect the barrier fencing to insure the safety of small children by not giving them easy access the swimming area unsupervised.

Our pool Inspectors will check for any safety issue and report on those as our duty of care to your family.

To be sure that your fences passe the safety inspection on our first visit read our pre pools inspection guide lines on needs what be done before an inspector comes and avoid failing the first inspection.

We conduct fence inspections throughout Brisbane, Redcliffe and the Sunshine Coast.

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Think Safety First.

Pool Safety Inspections.

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